Mood Disorder Treatment

Another area that A Better Life assists its clients is in treating mood disorders. Everyone experiences emotional ups and downs. Life is fraught with people and situations that lead to irritability, agitation and moodiness. A healthy individual will rebound and find emotional balance. If you struggle to find that balance, or if your attitude and emotional are out of balance with your current circumstances, you might be suffering from a mood disorder. As many as one in ten adults suffer from mood disorders. You are not alone! Mood disorders take many forms and may include: anxiety, depression, substance related depression issues, and bi-polar disorders. The goal of therapy is to help you come to grips with your underlying mental issue and to find ways you can alleviate stress in your day-to-day life. One type of treatment used to treat mood disorders is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This treatment combines established cognitive and behavioral theories into one method that focuses on your actions and behaviors. You’ll learn to recognize distorted or self-defeating thought patterns, and then actively work to replace them with healthier beliefs.

With the guidance of the counselors at A Better Life led by Ms. Logan, you will be able to uncover unhealthy, negative beliefs and patterns such as “black-and-white” thinking patterns, generalizing situations with a negative bias, exaggerating circumstances in our life, forming snap decisions or conclusions based on emotion, overlooking the positive side of situations, and assuming the worst is about to happen. People with mood disorders often believe they have to live up to some sort of invented standards to fit in or receive the approval of others. CBT can help overcome that mistaken fear. Have you worried that you can’t live well unless you are successful, like and appreciated? If so, cognitive behavioral therapy can help you. This type of approach is particularly effective for depression. If your mood disorder is manifesting as low-level depressive behavior, it’s possible that CBT is the only treatment you’ll need to correct your symptoms. CBT is also effective in cases of anxiety where the treatment can help to teach you to better cope with life’s difficult circumstances. Bipolar disorder generally requires treatment with medication, but CBT can serve as an adjunct to drug protocols. Studies involving children and teens have shown that bipolar disorder can be effectively moderated with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Ultimately, CBT is effective at teaching you that your current patterns of belief are not only inaccurate but also harmful. We can help you recognize these self defeating thought patterns and assist you to gain an increased self awareness as well as a new way to cope with situations, thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to overcome the way you may be feeling as a result of emotional ups and downs. The goal at A Better Life is to work with you to provide you with the skills you need to achieve your best life possible.