Insight Orientated Therapy

At A Better Life, one of the therapeutic models used is Insight Orientated Therapy. Insight Orientated Therapy is sometimes referred to as “talk therapy”. Insight Orientated Therapy delves into how life events, desires, past and current relationships, and unconscious conflicts affect your feelings and behavior. Insight oriented therapy is based on the assumption that the better you know yourself, the better you will function. “Better functioning” includes symptom improvement and alleviation, along with improvement in our work, academic, social, romance, and even athletic life. Insight oriented therapy strives to teach you how and why you function in the ways you do, and to clarify your motivations. It will also help you identify compromises you’ve made to defend yourself against painful thoughts or emotions and examine how they relate to your current situation. It show you that you have an internal world, and it interprets how that internal world operates. Other therapy models may be incorporated into Insight Orientated Therapy. Insight Orientated Therapy promotes self-knowledge. Most of all, it gives you freedom. When you have freedom, you have power. You have a greater range of choices available to you in any given situation. Insight Orientated Therapy allows you to break free from old habits and patterns of behavior. It lets you choose new ones as you see fit.

The goal of Insight Orientated Therapy is freedom at the deepest level. In taking part in the counseling services at A Better Life, the competent staff led by Margot Logan will assist you in learning more about yourself to more clearly understand yourself and why you feel or act as you have. In doing so, you will gain a new awareness and freedom to increase the choices you have to grow in order to have new ways of dealing with situations and feelings in order to make better choices with a new self awareness. The goal at A Better Life is to work with you to provide you with the skills you need to achieve your best life possible.