The word “family” can bring up different thoughts and feelings for each person because each person has a different experience and definition of what a family is and what family means to them. Sometimes family can be a source of strength and sometimes it can be a source of stress and frustration. Our counselors understand how complex family can be for our clients and how the system itself can have an effect even from generations back. Each counselor has a unique view of what family means and uses different techniques and theories to explore that concept with each client.

Whether it is looking at the entire system as a whole and the generations it includes or focusing more on the relationships within the family and how those tend to play out, our counselors will shift focus depending on what’s more meaningful to the client. We also have counselors with training specific to couples and families as well as adoption competency. We can assist with fostering healthier and more effective communication styles as well as help with creating stronger bonds within relationships.

For those families with children, we also have counselors on staff who have been trained in Play therapy, which allows children to express themselves through play. We have experience working with children with ADHD, sibling relationships, families with adoptive children, and teaching parenting skills (to name a few).  Whatever family means to you; we are here to help.

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