Anxiety. Such a small word could mean so many things and have the most profound of impacts on a person. Anxiety can present in many different forms such as tenseness in the body, inability to sleep and/or feelings of fatigue, racing thoughts, frequent sickness and/or headaches, inability to concentrate, panic attacks, and feelings of irritability. (And that’s only the tip of the iceberg). Sometimes people can feel overwhelmed by changes happening in their lives or even by the changes happening in the world every day, and that is perfectly normal.

Here, our counselors have been trained to help clients explore and manage their feelings of anxiety through a variety of ways. Some employ the use of mindfulness and meditation while others attempt to excavate the roots of the thoughts that are causing the anxiety. Counselors will also help clients learn and implement concrete methods to alleviate the symptoms outside of session in order to enhance day-to-day well-being.