It is important when deciding to seek counseling to find a therapist who is skilled yet compassionate, and with whom you feel comfortable. Here at A Better Life Counseling Services, Inc., you will find experienced therapists who are truly invested in putting you at ease and helping you to resolve your problems.

The name for our agency was chosen for a reason. Our dedication to helping you achieve a better life.

Our goal is to provide compassionate, insightful counseling to adults, children, couples, and families. To provide our clients with the skills that they need to achieve their best life possible.



” You are so wonderful Margot! Thank you for all of your patience and support throughout this process. (My husband) and I talked last night about how we were so close to giving everything up before we met you, but your kindness and dedication gave us the courage to go on. Thanks again for everything you do! :) “

“ Ms. Logan is one of the best counselors I have ever had. Before I went to her I had many problems, Problems I thought would never be fixed. With her help and support I found that I could make those problems go away, and that I was not at fault for them. She helped me through the tears, the anger and the happiness. Today I am a better person and feel better about myself and I don’t think that any of this would be possible without her. Not only do I have a better self-esteem but I even have a better relationship with my mother and for that I am greatful. Thank you for everything Ms. Logan. “

” Thank you for every bit of great advice and all of your wonderful insights. “

“La practica, A Better Life Counseling Services, ha sida especial. El servicio ha sido muy especial para mi porque  la directora, Margot Logan, ha sido muy excelente en su forma en la practica ayudándome entender la situación critica que you estuve. El primer día su equipo de asociado ha sido muy agradable para consejar nuestros sesiones en la oficina. Mi consejo es que no juzge antes do la visita de la oficina de Sra. Logan porque para me ha sido un experiencia profesional muy amable y especial. Le consejo que visite la oficina de Sra. Logan porque para me fue una gran bendición”.

“I came to counseling at the insistence of my wife initially I had no desire to come and I thought this was for people that are insane which was not what I expected I have become a big fan of Mrs. Logan’s practice because of her passion and desire to help and assist people with their needs. The actual team that works with Mrs Logan is a team of knowledgeable individuals the team also has passion in their practice as Mrs. Logan. I’m thankful for the visits and sessions that it became my favorite day of the week just to attend the session and discuss my matters. I am the walking billboard for A netter life because I became a believer through my sessions, from day one I had no desire to now acknowledging that people need counseling in order to achieve their goals in life.”